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Dedicated to students learning to fly - a site BY pilots FOR pilots. A place where you can shake the V-speeds and traffic circuits from your head, kick your feet up, and read the chronicles and day-by-day experiences of other student pilots like yourself.

No matter where you are in your flight training, at Student Flying Club you'll find the tools and articles needed to rock your checkride. You'll find helpful tips and tricks to help you get over that landing hump. You'll compare your past experiences to those of other rookie pilots, and you'll read ahead in your flight training - better preparing you for what to expect next.
Airplane Landing
The complete daily flight log of an actual student pilot, chronicling the step-by-step journey from his first takeoff to the signing of his private pilot's license.

"Suddenly Stan asked me if I wanted to 'take it around a few times'. Hell yeah I did. Five minutes later I was dropping him off at the gate, latching the door, and sitting alone in the aircraft for the very first time. Stan didn't wish me luck or anything like that, he just sort of walked away. Not even a wave. I think it was better like that - it was Stan's way of saying 'just man up and fly the airplane...'"

Read the fully illustrated flight log, from checklist to checkride.

Ever Wanted to Fly an Airplane?

At one time or another, everyone dreams of flying! But how many people actually do something about it? Check out the amazing 1-minute video at right, detailing Pilot Journey's discovery flight program. With it, you can put yourself in the pilot's seat and truly say you've flown an airplane!

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There is no other feeling in the world like flying your own airplane.

Why Learn to Fly?

Spotlight Article:

Pass Your FAA Checkride
10 Tips You MUST Know
   - by Beto Valentine

(10/09) - Wanna rock your checkride? Passing your FAA practical flight test depends on many factors, most of which are within your control. Below you'll find everything needed to breeze through your checkride, including 10 must-know tips.

Like trying to get your girlfriend back, the FAA practical flight test is something you don't want to repeat. Months of flight training and ground school have led to this one moment - the culmination of your aviation knowledge. Here's your chance to shine, to show the FAA examiner everything you've learned both on the ground and in the air. By following the 10 tips listed below, you'll not only pass your FAA checkride - you'll do it with skill and confidence...

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Submitted Photo of the Month:
Piper Cherokee Warrior - Straight & Level

Long Island, NY - Straight & Level in a Piper Cherokee Warrior II

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