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Day 10 - President Bush is More Important Than Me
Monday, 6/19/06 7:00am - Today I arrived at the ramp to find there was a TFR in effect. What's a TFR you might ask? A Temporary Flight Restriction. Turns out President Bush was giving a commencement speech at Kings Point.

A TFR meant that every single aircraft needed to file a flight plan, regardless of IFR or VFR. Stan told me he'd "already filed one" for us, and after a quick preflight we were cleared to taxi to runway 19. I forgot my airport map and didn't know which taxiway to use in order to get to the runway, and Stan ragged on me for it.

At the hold short line I radioed for takeoff clearance and was told there was an "indefinite hold" on all outgoing air traffic. Stan took the radio and asked to taxi across the runway to an area called G7 where we waited and watched as another jet reached the hold short line and were told the same thing. That jet pressed the tower for more info and was finally told the delay would be at least 30 minutes. And that, pretty much, was the end of the day's "flying" lesson.

Taxied back to the echo ramp where I expertly towed the plane back to its chocks and received an "A" from Stan on that. He also told me I didn't make any mistakes in the air or any shitty landings today. Everyone's a comedian.

Flying hours today: 0.2       Total: 11.7

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