Daily Pilot's Journal

Read the complete day-by-day flight log of an actual student pilot, from the first takeoff to the signing of his private pilot's license. Written promptly at the end of every flight, each entry is completely unedited - detailing the successes, failures, and mistakes we all encounter along this long road.
Day 15 - Third Solo - Republic Airport
Friday, 7/07/06 7:00am - Clear skies, light wind. Got to the ramp early and did the preflight, taxied out to runway 32 behind a "Grumman". When ground control asked me to follow the Grumman I neglected to repeat it on my transmission, which I should've. I've got to remember to repeat everything important so that they know I fully understand their instructions.

Stan announced his intentions to solo me here at Farmingdale, and in truth it was my first attempt at touch n' go's at Republic airport. Up until now I'd only landed here. Went up and did two circuits where I came in much too low and a little slow... I added power without being prompted to but I shouldn't have been low to begin with. Circuit training over Republic seemed slightly different than Bridgeport, but only because of the ground. Flying over houses and buildings is a little more distracting than over the water, and a little less smooth as well.

I tightened my circuit and kept higher power on my third approach, which came in at a more respectable altitude. Although my first two approaches were low my landings were all good and Stan called for a full stop on the final. Dropped him off at the echo ramp and turned the plane around, radioed ground for some more touch n' go's and headed on out to runway 1. Took off and admired a clear view of NYC from 300ft up and beyond.

I made two very nice tight circuits and both were at the proper altitude. My first landing was a bit hard but my second was smooth as could be. Taxied back to the echo ramp (Stan only asked for two landings) and filled out the plane's logbook before towing it back into its moorings. Stan showed up to sign my own logbook and announced that the next step would be a solo flight to Bridgeport and back. "Coming back is the important part", he joked. Can't wait.

Flying hours today: 0.9       Total: 19.1

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