Daily Pilot's Journal

Read the complete day-by-day flight log of an actual student pilot, from the first takeoff to the signing of his private pilot's license. Written promptly at the end of every flight, each entry is completely unedited - detailing the successes, failures, and mistakes we all encounter along this long road.
Day 24 - Instrument Failure and Timed Turns
Friday, 8/04/06 7:00am - Hazy, no wind. Once again I'd been rained out of my night flight so I met Stan at the ramp today to complete my instrument flight training requirement. The plane was covered with a canvas canopy when I got there to shield it from the hot sun, but it clipped off easily enough. I did a short field takeoff from runway 19 and Stan slapped me with the foggles.

Instrument flying is getting easier and I'm really getting a soft touch feel for the controls. After doing some timed turns and some VOR tracking, Stan produced two round pieces of black paper. He slipped these over the attitude and heading indicators to simulate a vacuum pump failure. Flying by the compass, I learned how to compensate for magnetic lag while turning left and right, and to use the turn coordinator to determine attitude. Stan also showed me where the auxiliary vacuum pump was located - and hey, I didn't even know we had one.

Eventually Stan had me do a soft field landing at Bridgeport and we pulled in for coffee. Stan asked the guy to open the flight store and bought a bunch of updated maps. I bought myself the Washington area sectional chart, which includes lower New Jersey and more specifically, Atlantic City. As the end of training draws nearer I'm starting to think more and more about where I'll be flying and what trips I'll be taking after I get my pilot's license.

Taxied back to runway 29 and did a soft field takeoff. On the way back to Farmingdale Stan gave me the option to decline the foggles, which I gratefully accepted. I'm finally done with those things... at least until I go for my instrument rating. Came in a little high again on runway 19 but then again I always seem to come in high on that approach. The long straight final just throws me off. I got a good compliment from Stan on the touchdown though.

Flying hours today: 1.4       Total: 33.0

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