Daily Pilot's Journal

Read the complete day-by-day flight log of an actual student pilot, from the first takeoff to the signing of his private pilot's license. Written promptly at the end of every flight, each entry is completely unedited - detailing the successes, failures, and mistakes we all encounter along this long road.
Day 31 - High Winds and some Landings
Sunday, 8/20/06 8:00am - High winds. Slight change of plan over the last few days: my flight test is scheduled for Tuesday, 10am. My flight test is also scheduled for an instructor named Al, at Schenectady airport. I'm not sure what happened with Frank, but Stan seemed to think he wouldn't be available until late September. He had me schedule my test online with this other guy instead. And although he hasn't actually used the guy as an FAA examiner yet, Stan had met him once and seemed to think he was a nice guy.

The quick scheduling of my test led me to fly today, even though the winds were gusting up to 21 knots. At the very least Stan said we could stay in the pattern and do some landings.

By the time I got to the airport, the wind had died down and the clouds had dispersed somewhat, so at least I had that going for me. Took off and did some stall practice without going out over the water. A few steep turns later, Stan radioed Republic for some TnG's. I made two very nice landings, then two semi-nice ones. After a half hour of flying we headed back to the office for some ground school, where I proceeded to learn the details of the flight plan I'd drawn up (at Al's request) from KSCH to KART (Watertown airport). Went over some stuff I didn't know and talked about what to expect on the flight test. Not a bad review.

Flying hours today: 0.5       Total: 41.3

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