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Aircraft Mechanic Training
by Michael Bustamante

09/08 - With the help of FAA-approved aircraft mechanic training, you could be working as a professional Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) in less than two years! Just imagine yourself in a respected profession that will have you performing vital repairs and maintenance on airplanes, helicopters and jets. Aircraft mechanic schools can quickly turn that dream into a reality.

With FAA-approved aircraft mechanic training, aspiring aviation mechanics learn how to perform inspections, repair, and maintenance on a wide variety of aircraft. You will get extensive, hands-on experience in inspecting and repairing engines, brakes, landing gear, electrical systems and aircraft structures. Your training in aircraft mechanics will cover airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, electrical systems, propellers, rigging, control surfaces, instrumentation, warning systems, and environmental systems. As your training advances, you can choose to specialize in repairing specific parts of the aircraft, such as the electrical systems, instruments, or hydraulic systems.

Aircraft mechanic training is comprehensive, and should include subjects such as Aviation Math and Science, Introduction to Aviation, Basic Electricity and Airframe Electricity, Aircraft Engine Electrical Systems, Aircraft Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Aeronautics, Aircraft Materials and Processes, Aircraft Sheet Metal Structures, Aircraft Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft Turbine Engines, Aircraft Composite Structures, Aircraft Instrument Systems, Aircraft Fuel and Propeller Systems, Aircraft Airframe and Engine Inspections, and other topics.

After successful completion of aircraft mechanic training and exams, you will be certified in Aviation Maintenance Technology. Certification will allow you to apply for numerous important positions such as domestic or foreign airline technician, regional and commuter airline technician, helicopter operations, airframe and powerplant technician (A & P), or airplane/helicopter manufacturing technician. As a certified Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) with excellent training in aviation technology you could soon be working with international and national airlines, aircraft manufacturers, general aviation, and even aerospace companies. With advanced training and experience, you could earn the title of designated FAA inspector.

During your search for good Aircraft Mechanic Schools, be sure that your choice of schools is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Only an FAA-approved school can provide aircraft mechanic education that is comprehensive and thorough. With an A&P license and good, solid training, you can expect an annual salary between $25,000 and $55,000 or more.

If you would like to learn more you can start right now. Submit a request to Aircraft Mechanic Schools found on our website, and you could find yourself working on the tarmac before long!

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